langue en Leonardo - 03/05/2019

Global Satellite Communication Service Provider

With its Global Band Coverage Leonardo, through Telespazio, enables Communication on the move everywhere and global Value Added Services.
In tactical military satellite communications (Milsatcom), Telespazio provides telecommunications services to the armed forces of NATO countries, through its involvement in the Italian defence programme SICRAL. In non-tactical military communications (Comsatcom), the company offers telemedicine, distance learning and wideband connectivity services. As part of the institutional satellite communications, Telespazio participates with a strategic role in the ATHENA-FIDUS programme and delivers innovative applications and services in the field of civil protection, security and e-government. Finally, in its Fucino and Scanzano Space Centers, Telespazio hosts ground segment equipment dedicated to telecommunications satellite systems managed by leading international operators (Inmarsat, Eutelsat).