langue en ARIANESPACE - 03/05/2019

Ariane 5 orbits Intelsat 30 and ARSAT-1

Arianespace continued Ariane 5s track record of success with another heavy-lift mission performed today from the Spaceport in French Guiana, which orbited a pair of telecommunications satellites for Latin America: Intelsat 30, which is hosting the DLA-1 payload; and ARSAT-1.

Both spacecraft were deployed into geostationary transfer orbits following their ascent from the Spaceports ELA-3 launch zone, with Intelsat 30 released nearly 28 minutes after liftoff, and ARSAT-1 separating approximately six minutes later to complete the flight sequence.

Ariane 5 delivered an estimated total liftoff performance of 10,000 kg., including its two passengers and hardware for the launchers dual-payload deployment system. This mission was the 220th launch of an Ariane-series vehicle since its introduction in 1979, and the 62nd consecutive success for Ariane 5 as well as its 76th flight overall.