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P24118 Oxygen pressure switch specification sheet

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In 1973, Dan L. Dunham, formerly an engineer with Cessna, established Pacific Precision Products (PPP) in California, developing and manufacturing oxygen components for the business jet community. The many successes crystallized Dan Dunham's philosophy that the best return on investment is a satisfied customer.

PPP's character comes from a talented group of people with the desire to exceed our customers' needs. This commitment, both as a company and as individuals, allows us to be part of many major aerospace projects.

Pacific Precision Products enjoys a highly successful relationship with its customers and strategic suppliers. While we take pride in our 35+ years of steady g...

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The P24118 Oxygen Pressure Switch is designed for use in Oxygen Systems where the pressure is controlled in the range of 60 – 90 PSIG. If system pressure drops to 45 – 50 PSIG the switch sends a signal to an annunciator or EICAS comput...

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