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QLP1062 lithium-ion battery data sheet

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12744 San Fernando Rd
91342 - Sylmar, CA

As part of EnerSys's Advanced Solution Group, Quallion offers Li/CFx & lithium-ion solutions for the aerospace, medical and defense markets. Within EnerSys Advanced Systems, a variety of energy storage solutions ranging from advanced lead acid batteries through the Hawker brand, lithium primary thermal and liquid reserve batteries through the EAS and satellite lithium-ion solutions from ABSL.

Quallion has the broadest and deepest understanding of lithium ion chemistry among US-based companies.

Leveraging this expertise in lithium ion batteries, Quallion's has built an intellectual portfolio of enabling technologies that competitors cannot offer including its patented 5A2 Chemistry ...

  • QLP1062 lithium-ion battery data sheet

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Quallion integrates a number of technologies into its batteries, whether integrated single cell designs or multi-module packs. In developing a new pack design, considerations are made for the cell chemistry type, thermal management, “Smart&r...

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