As part of EnerSys's Advanced Solution Group, Quallion offers Li/CFx & lithium-ion solutions for the aerospace, medical and defense markets. Within EnerSys Advanced Systems, a variety of energy storage solutions ranging from advanced lead acid batteries through the Hawker brand, lithium primary thermal and liquid reserve batteries through the EAS and satellite lithium-ion solutions from ABSL.

Quallion has the broadest and deepest understanding of lithium ion chemistry among US-based companies.

Leveraging this expertise in lithium ion batteries, Quallion's has built an intellectual portfolio of enabling technologies that competitors cannot offer including its patented 5A2 Chemistry that exhibits de minimis self discharge and calendar fade, Zero-Volt(TM) and SaFE-LYTE(TM) battery technologies.

Quallion LLC produces a number of primary and rechargeable cell and battery configurations for use in the medical, military and aerospace markets, with revenues divided evenly across these three market segments. Relevant chemistry experience includes Li ion (various species of LiCoO, LiMnCo, LiNiCoO), Li Polymer, Li Metal, CFx, SVO, LVO, and Li Air. Production capabilities range from high volume medical and military batteries to unique custom-designed aerospace batteries. Cell designs range from the world's smallest conventional lithium ion cell (a cylindrical 1.8 mAh cell) for implants to our 15 and 72 Ah prismatic cells. Historical annual production rates exceed 60,000 units per year (cells and batteries combined) with the capacity to produce over 200,000 cells, making Quallion one of the largest Li ion cell manufacturers outside of Asia. The company currently employs over 150 people, with a large engineering department capable of supporting multiple research and development and prototyping projects simultaneously. Certifications include ISO 9001:2000, AS9100C (validation of Quality Management System to Aerospace standards), and ISO 13485:2003 (validation of Quality Management System to Medical Device standards).

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