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Fluid Cell Presses Flexform

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Fluid Cell Presses Flexform

Quintus Technologies

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Quintus Technologies offers high-pressure sheet metal forming presses plus hot and cold isostatic presses for densification of advanced materi...

Quintus Technologies

Flexform Fluid Cell Presses for versatile, economical low-volume sheet metal forming

Since the commercial introduction of the first Quintus-designed deep-draw press in the mid-sixties, Quintus Technologies has grown to become the world's leading producer of high-pressure deep draw Flexform presses for sheet metal hydroforming applications.

Today, the technology is a preferred method for economical low-volume part fabrication, particularly for the forming of tough alloys for jet engine components.

Quintus Technologies is also highly respected for its skill in the fabrication process analysis, the forming process optimization, innovative tool design, systematic project management, and on-site technical support.

Quintus offer a line of standard deep-draw press models with forming area/diameter ranging from 560 mm / 22 inch to 1100 mm / 43.3 inch. Pressure range from 800 bar / 11,600 psi to 1,200 bar / 17,400 psi. The cycle time is depending on the tool size and the pressure level required, but normally range from some 30 seconds to two minutes.

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