Novator AB Portable drilling systems Orbital PM50

Portable drilling systems Orbital PM50

  • Portable drilling systems Orbital PM50

Portable drilling systems Orbital PM50

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The PM50 has a 50mm stroke length and comes with an Integrated Tool Holder (ITH) spindle system for extra rigidity. The PM50 has a larger offset, allowing it to drill holes up to 28.5mm. Max stack thickness is 42mm.

Designed for hard and complex materials

The Orbital Portable M-series is suitable for hard materials such as Titanium, Stainless steel and any combination stack-ups including these materials.
The unit features a pneumatic spindle motor, for optimal size to power ratio, and electrical orbital and feed motors for drilling process flexibility.

The Orbital Drilling Concept

Novator's patented orbital drilling technology is based on simultaneously rotating a cutting tool around its own axis and a center axis that is offset from the cutting tool's axis.

Burrless and delamination-free holes

The orbital technology allows Orbital Portable M-Series to use a low thrust force. Lower force in combination with orbital movement of the cutter produces burrless holes in metal. Lower thrust also enables drilling of delamination-free holes in composite materials, and risk of part deflection is reduced when drilling in stacks.

One Tool – Different hole sizes

Orbital Portable M-Series has a manually adjustable offset of the cutting tool. By changing the offset, different hole sizes can be made with one single tool.

Dry Drilling

The orbital drilling cutter has only partial and intermittent contact with the material. That, together with efficient air cooling of the cutting tool and the hole surface, enables dry drilling or quasi-dry drilling, which requires MQL. Efficient heat extraction also reduces risk of matrix melting in composites and heat-affected zones in metal.


Smaller, easier-to-remove chips

Orbital drilling reduces chip-induced damage. Novator's tools have a smaller diameter than the hole and produce smaller chips that are efficiently removed in an advanced airflow system. Efficient chip extraction also enables drilling in closed sections.

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