Yokohama Aerospace Aircraft lavatory modules

Aircraft lavatory modules

Aircraft lavatory modules

Yokohama Aerospace

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A heritage in the sky Since 1917 the Yokohama name has stood for excellence in industrial engineering. Through The Yokohama Rubber Company ...

Yokohama Aerospace


Our lavatory designs draw on a continuous quality improvement program that solicited response from major airlines. The result: comfortable spaces that provide significant cost and weight savings-all while assuring you of reliable service, flight after flight. Yokohama is the exclusive provider of Boeing 757 lavatory modules and a key manufacturer of 737 lavatory modules, producing more than 11,000 lavatories for the B737 and more than 1,100 commercial ship-sets for the 757 over the past 20 years. Our lavatory modules and spare parts are fully FAA certified for both new production and retrofit applications. High-performance designs. Custom design and retrofits are available.


- Composite sink deck with stainless steel bowl for longer life, better appearance and stain resistances

- LED wash light with calming blue hue and 20,000 hour service life

- Improved corrosion prevention through one-piece floor pan

- Full-height corner rubstrips for damage prevention

- Dampers included on toilet seat, lid and waste flap for slam shut prevention

- Improved liquid soap dispenser with higher capacity, gravity feed and fewer movinig parts

- Waste Container with higher capacity, larger lid for faster emptying, and single part number common to all lavatories

- Upgraded faucet with single-hand operation and automatic shutoff

- Double Stowage space for passenger conveniences and supplies

- Greater commonality among components across all lav positions

- Hidden cabinet door latches to deter passenger access to service and maintenance areas

- No-tools-required access to hot water assembly, reset switch and optional water filter

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