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Vacuum toilets agile

  • Vacuum toilets agile
  • Vacuum toilets agile

Vacuum toilets agile

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The agile Vacuum Toilet reduces airline operating costs and is a direct replacement for existing vacuum toilets installed on Boeing aircraft.


The agile model integrates with the toilet interface provisions utilized by the existing lavatory and has been fully tested and certified to meet or exceed the toughest Boeing requirements. Available for installation today, the agile is fully approved via FAA / EASA / CAAC STCs for 737, 747, 767, and 777 aircraft.


The design of the agile toilet incorporates feedback from airlines and maintenance personnel and has been developed to eliminate all known common failure points associated with legacy toilets. The agile has been tested and approved by several specially-selected operators and the in-service performance has been outstanding. The reliability of all major components has been verified by test to a minimum of 1,000,000 cycles to ensure the highest level of product performance.


The agile model is designed to simplify and speed maintenance, allowing for on-wing replacement in less than 15 minutes. In addition to reducing line-maintenance labor costs, this feature significantly reduces the number of potential flight delays and cancellations, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.


The agile toilet is over 50% lighter than most legacy toilets, providing airlines significant fuel-cost savings.


A reversible drain tube allows one toilet part number to fit all lavatory positions on all platforms, greatly reducing the requirements for costly spares inventory.

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