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Honeycomb core Gillcore HK

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Honeycomb core Gillcore HK

The Gill Corporation

4056 Easy Street
91731-1087 - El Monte, CA

The Gill Corporation has expanded several times across its headquarters site in El Monte, California. We are located a few miles south of Pasa...

The Gill Corporation

Gillcore HK is a Kelvar® aramid fiber reinforced honeycomb which is coated with heat resistant phenolic resin. Kevlar® honeycomb cores exhibit enhanced performance characteristics over Nomex® honeycomb core in the areas of weight, strength, stiffness and fatigue. Gillcore HK provides a wide range of honeycomb types, including different cell sizes, cell geometries, paper thicknesses and densities, for commercial, military, aerospace and defense applications.
Interior aircraft panels including flooring, sidewalls, ceilings, galleys and lavatories.
Exterior aircraft panels including trailing and leading edges, flaps, ailerons, radomes, fairings, helicopter blades, access panels and doors.
- Extremely high strength to weight ratio

- High toughness, shear strength and shear modulus

- Corrosion resistance

- Fire resistant (self-extinguishing)

- Excellent thermal stability

- Good formability for curve forming

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