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Discovery 201

Discovery Aviation

100 Aerospace Drive, Unit 4
FL 32901 - Melbourne

HISTORY Discovery Aviation was formed in the United States in 2011 to bring new 21st Century General Aviation Aircraft to the Global Market...

Discovery Aviation

The Discovery 201 is a twin engine, utility aircraft, and is capable of carrying 2 crew with up to 5 passengers in a configurable cabin. It is a rugged machine, built for years of service and solves challenges of various delivery conditions.

The 201 is a flexible, multi-role utility aircraft that can safely land on dangerous rough operating fields, on the water, or on the snow. It is designed and tested to be operated on unimproved landing areas and can also be configured with your choice of retractable floats or mounted skis. This rugged utility aircraft has been tested under the most rigorous daily use conditions in the harshest of environments.

The Discovery 201 is powered by two 210hp Continental IO-360 engines with Hartzell props. The 201 flies at an average of 124kts with a range of 1,350 nautical miles.

Referred to by owners as a “flying pickup truck', the Discovery 201 can handle over 1900lbs of cargo. The cargo area can be designed in a variety of ways, offering owners the flexibility to meet the needs of different passenger configurations and cargo requirements. The Discovery 201 offers easy rear access loading and can handle more than eight feet of cargo if the rear seats are removed.

The interior and exterior are designed for functionality and reliability. Cockpit visibility is excellent – with its twin engines mounted on the high wings to allow for exceptional visibility below. The 201's flight deck is an impressive 21st Century design. Standard avionics includes a modern, state of the art, Garmin EFIS Cockpit.

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