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Discovery Aviation was formed in the United States in 2011 to bring new 21st Century General Aviation Aircraft to the Global Market.

Discovery is a fully integrated aircraft manufacturer, with comprehensive engineering, development, certification, flight test, production, sales and service capabilities for our aircraft. We have a global sales, service and support network that supports our family of aircraft.

Our first venture was to bring the Discovery 201 to the US to be certified and be put into production. The 201 is a rugged, versatile utility aircraft, designed to deliver cargo or people to remote, limited access locations by air, whether on land, snow or water,

Recently, the Discovery XL-2 (formerly Liberty XL-2) has been added to the Discovery Aviation family. Certified in 2006, the XL-2 is the world's most premier Primary Trainer Aircraft with the lowest operating costs of any IFR certified trainer. It is a proven winner with a large, satisfied, Global customer base.

Discovery Aviation is leading the current global General Aviation expansion with new 21st Century aircraft that provide the reliability and cost effectiveness that is needed by the new generation of aviation businesses and entrepreneurs. The quality and productivity of Discovery's aircraft ensure their success across a broad spectrum of aviation operations.

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