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Maxilube - A pre-engineered dual-line automatic lubrication system

SKF Maxilube Solution is a pre-engineered and market proven dual-line automatic grease lubrication system. System design is easier compared to other systems, due to a fixed set of well playing together components. It helps to increase productivity/machine uptime, to reduce lubricant and energy consumption and to increase safety at work. Main applications are steel and heavy industry but also pulp and paper and cement industry machines that need to run reliably also under harsh conditions. Maxilube supports upper level control for a trouble-free production.

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Frequent and controlled relubrication of process equipment has been shown to reduce machine failures and to prevent excessive wear by reducing heat and friction. By maintaining the proper lubrication service, the expected service life of equipment can be extended while energy consumption and use of the lubricant is reduced as well. Automatic lubrication systems eliminate the need for manual work in, or around, hazardous surroundings, which equates to a safer work environment for your team. In addition to cost savings, significant productivity increases can be realized when machine uptime increases. The SKF Maxilube Solution is a well-engineered product family for your most demanding applications. Read more on

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