langue fr THALES GROUP - 27/09/2021

Simplifying IoT Connectivity Activation with the Power of eSIM - Thales

Do you want to simplify connectivity deployment for your IoT devices? Flexibly at the factory or in the field? Do you need to keep devices reliably connected for a decade or more?

IoT demand is driving an urgent need to simplify and speed the process of getting and keeping everything connected. However, deploying geographically diverse IoT installations, managing multiple product SKUs, and provisioning service with the best mobile network operator can be overwhelming.

This presentation by Manfred Kube, Head of Analytics & IoT Solutions Communications at Thales, is about solving todays challenges for IoT connectivity activation with the power of eSIM and a little bit of magic.

Turn traditional methods of IoT device service provisioning and updating on their head and learn how to bring new levels of service digitisation, optimised logistics, efficient device installation, and network resilience to industrial IoT solutions.

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