langue fr Aircraft Interiors Expo - 30/09/2021

Commercial aviation & interiors market outlook: 2021 and beyond

Commercial aviation is on the road to recovery with passenger jet daily flights having recovered to approximately two-thirds of 2019s level, driven primarily by the large domestic markets of the USA and China. However, significant challenges remain in international markets, and several regions of the world are yet to see meaningful recoveries in passenger traffic due to government travel restrictions. What do these challenges mean for the aerospace supply chain, and more specifically the aircraft interiors sector, and how will the industry transform to ensure its return to financial health? This session comprises a commercial aviation market outlook briefing from Ascend by

Cirium, as well as an interiors market outlook from Tronos Aviation Consulting. This will be followed by a panel discussion featuring senior representatives in the interiors market, who will debate the challenges and opportunities presented by the current market.