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MUD11 - SKF Cassette seal - Tractor

SKF Cassette seals, MUD11

The design of SKF Cassette seals has been optimized to provide excellent retention of either grease or oil and maximum protection against liquid or solid contaminants.
SKF Mudblock seals are widely used in wheel-end applications such as the front and rear axles of, for example:

Agricultural machinery
Construction equipment
Forestry equipment
Off-highway trucks

Make a difference with SKF Seals!
They have a crucial impact on reliable rotation, the quality of the lubricant and system performance. According to our bearing investigation data, circa 20% of bearing failures can be attributed to sealing issues, allowing loss of lubrication or contamination ingress. Life and reliability of what is often considered a simple component can make all the difference to your product and operations. With SKF, you get support for all the key aspects of your sealing system.

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