langue fr IATA - 22/10/2021

Practical, effective and efficient guidelines developed by air transport experts

Various IATA workgroups and boards composed of key aviation stakeholders and experts work closely with member airlines, representatives from the whole air transport supply chain as well as local governments and ICAO among others in the development of the regulations. Their objective is to ensure that the rules and guidelines provided by the IATA Manuals are practical, effective and efficient.

Each year, over 350 changes are done to the IATA regulations manuals. These changes are as a result of an extensive exercise that IATA goes through to update its manuals to ensure compliance with the newest regulations as well as the latest industry trends and best practices. These updates are done in collaboration with several industry experts and via dedicated IATA workgroups such as the Dangerous Goods Board (DGB).

Standardization and compliance are paramount to ensure a safe, sustainable and efficient cargo industry. This is where the IATA Manuals play a key role in ensuring global consistency and harmonization across the air cargo supply chain.

The latest changes to the IATA Manuals are listed here: