langue fr Draganfly - 14/12/2021

Draganfly Trophy Truck x Mint 400

The Draganfly Trophy Truck, driven by Ryan Arciero, won its second podium place of the season at the Mint 400 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

On Saturday, December 4, 2021, Ryan placed second in the Unlimited Class (Trophy Trucks), in what was a gruelling event contested by some of the biggest and most competitive off-road drivers and teams in the world. The result marks the second successful race of the 2021 season for the Draganfly Trophy Truck following on from Ryans out-right victory at Augusts prestigious 2021 Maxxis Tires Casey Folks Vegas to Reno race.

Draganfly was a key partner throughout the Mint 400, courtesy of its advanced UAV thermal imaging technology, which assisted the team safely through the large amounts of dust thrown up by competitors, which can not only cost valuable time in slowing the truck but can also pose a real danger to those racing.

Draganfly drones installed with their proprietary mapping software were also utilized to give the most accurate terrain data to the team pre-race, to provide competitive advantage in displaying areas of the 400-mile course that could create issues, or highlighting an otherwise unknown danger during the actual event.

Commenting on the race, Trophy Truck driver Ryan Arciero said: Having Draganfly as a part of this racing program is incredible. The dust was horrible, and the imaging technology is becoming a game changer, I've got to thank Draganfly. The things they are doing and the things to come are going to be pretty cool for this team and the sport.

Draganfly has been developing game changing technology with software, hardware, AI and services innovation that integrate with truck and race team, said Cameron Chell, CEO of Draganfly. This is same commitment we have toward all of our customers and are so honored that Ryan and his team have the faith in us that they do.

The Draganfly Trophy Truck, driven by Ryan Arciero, achieved an overall time of 7:03:15.238.