langue fr Lufthansa Technik - 20/05/2022

Explorer - new VIP design

With EXPLORER we take you almost anywhere at any time: your aircraft serves at your destination as an your individual hotel and base camp for a wide variety of leisure activities and excursions. We have chosen the Airbus A330 as the platform for realizing these customer wishes in private aviation. As a classic widebody aircraft, it offers sufficient space for a large number of novel cabin ideas and also a sufficiently large range to fulfill your special wishes.

Within the overarching theme of "explorers and adventure", there is now an exclusive extension: in collaboration with world renowned luxury mobility brand BRABUS, we designed a special Adventure Lounge in the rear part of the lower deck, which can be viewed from the main deck through a glass floor. Similar to a "Tenders & Toys Garage" of a superyacht, a selection of additional vehicles can be stored here for discovery tours after landing. The all-new EXPLORER design features the first and strictly limited BRABUS motorcycle, the BRABUS 1300 R, created in collaboration with leading Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM.