langue fr Télécom Paris - 28/06/2022

Testimonial of Zhu Liao from China

Zhu Liao is a Chinese student in the Master 2 Integration, Circuits & Systems at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris (IP Paris). This program is taught entirely in English, on the campus of Télécom Paris and its partner schools. He had previously completed the Master 1 Electrical Engineering for Communications and Information Processing at IP Paris.

Before studying at IP Paris, he obtained a bachelor's degree from the Beijing Institute of Technology.
Why did he choose to study at IP Paris? He wanted to follow the path of many famous Chinese leaders who came to study in France in the past. He was also attracted by the fascinating City of Light and the high rank of Telecom Paris in the field of telecommunications in Europe.

In order to make the most of his stay in France, Zhu participated in a summer school organized by Telecom Paris upon his arrival in France. During this immersion experience in French life, he was able to improve his language and cultural skills. Zhu appreciated the challenging courses offered at Telecom Paris and the very good professor-student ratio; the latter allows students to benefit from a lot of individual advice from the professors.

He appreciated the state-of-the-art facilities of the new building located on the Saclay plateau, 20 km south of Paris. He made many French and international friends and has enjoyed the many cultural assets of Paris and other French cities.

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