langue fr EXPLEO - 05/08/2022

Jeff Hoyle (EVP, Global Aerospace & Defence) - Sent Into Space at Farnborough International Airshow

What does the aerospace industry need to do now for future success?

We asked our #FIA2022 industry experts to share their views for a chance to be #SentIntoSpace and broadcast on top of the world

After the show, the Expleo Sent Into Space launch vehicles were powered by a hydrogen filled balloon which grows to the height of Buckingham Palace by the time it hits peak altitude 110,000 feet above the Earths surface! Once the balloon reached peak altitude, footage was taken from the moment of launch right through to peak altitude and all the way through its descent back to land.

Check out Jeff Hoyle, Executive Vice President of Global Aerospace Defence at Expleo Group share his view #ViewsFromTheTop