langue fr Jonathan Lee Recruitment Limited - 03/11/2022

When should I hear back from a job interview? #toptiptuesday 44/52

Youve just had your job interview, youre pretty sure youve aced it, how long should you wait to hear back from the interviewer /recruiter before you chase them?

Our advice:

Ask at the end of the interview when you can expect to hear back regarding a decision (if you arent told automatically)

Send an email the day after your interview thanking the interviewer for their time and reiterating your enthusiasm for the job (if this is still the case!). Next, if you havent heard back from the recruiter by the date they say you should, wait another day or two and then chase.

Recruitment can be a very complicated process. Various parties are involved in making a decision, so giving a little bit of leeway before chasing is fair to all parties.

After a couple of extra days though, feel free to contact the recruiter/recruiting company to see when a decision will be made. This again shows your enthusiasm without being too pushy and chasing too early.