langue fr Jonathan Lee Recruitment Limited - 03/11/2022

How to write a cover letter #toptiptuesday 42/52

If you have the opportunity to write a cover letter for a job you are applying for we recommend taking it.

It gives you the chance to express why you would be perfect for the role you are applying for, in an easy-to-read personalised format.

The fact you have taken the time and applied effort to put a cover letter together also shows the recruiter how much you want the job.

Our tips for writing a good cover letter are as follows:

1. Put your contact details at the top of the letter.

2. Address the hiring manager by name if you know it or as the hiring manager if not e.g. Dear Mrs Franks/Dear Hiring Manager

3. Share the reasons why you would be perfect for the role and what you would bring to it.

4. Mention relevant current and past experience.

5. Mention relevant qualifications you have.

6. Finish by saying how you would love the opportunity to talk further and that you look forward to hearing from them.

7. Keep the length to one page.