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SKF Authenticate: How to authenticate SKF products using the scan code

A product may be branded SKF, but how can you be sure its genuine? We know that it exists almost identical SKF items and we find fake products on all markets and industries.

More and more SKF packages are marked with a scan code (DMC) that can be scanned by using the SKF Authenticate app.
Scanning the code will return a response telling you if the code is valid or not.
If the code is not valid (or does not have a scan code at all) you can send a photo request to SKF Group Brand Protection using the same app. The team will get back to you with a conclusion on the authenticity.

SKF Authenticate is a free app and service and can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play.


Google Play:

The best way to safeguard authenticity of SKF products is to buy from distributors authorized by SKF, the list of distributors can be found on

Read more about SKF Brand Protection on:

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