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Food & Drink Onboard a TUI River Cruise | TUI River Cruises

This video answers some of your most frequently asked questions about the food and drink onboard our TUI River Cruises ships. One of our hotel managers, Christian Dumitru, and one of our bar managers, Petar Stefanaos, answer queries like Whats included in an All Inclusive package and What are the restaurants like? Plus, get the menu lowdown with Kus Endang, one of our head chefs onboard TUI Isla.

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All information is correct at the time of filming.

00:00 Welcome
00:25 What food & drink is offered?
01:15 What's included in an all inclusive package?
02:24 What are the restaurants like?
03:03 Are special diets catered for?
03:23 What are the meal times?
04:01 What's on the menu?