langue fr SOGITEC - 16/02/2023

SOGITEC Genius - Generic Drone Simulator

Drones mission and configurations are various and numerous.

Drone crews have to face complex situations, in short time.

The ability to act collectively smartly and quickly is crucial. Simulation tackles the need for efficiency of the ISR (Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance) Drone missions.

GENIUS is a SOGITEC simulator with a broad spectrum of uses cases.

This product is a generic drone simulator. Its interfaces are standardized.

GENIUS provides a very rich synthetic environment to the instructors.

GENIUS enables the drone operators to improve their crew resources management. GENIUS has a light and generic hardware.

He modelizes several types of payloads.

Our Generic Drone Simulator is interoperable with other simulators and real stations (Helicopters #NH90 - H160M #Guépard, Fighters - #Mirage, #Rafale #Falcon).

GENIUS is the smartest asset to train the drone crews.