langue fr ISAE-SUPAERO - 28/02/2023

Discover... ISAE-SUPAERO's land mobile robots!

ISAE-SUPAERO - as a center for training through #research, research training and innovation - has many research equipments used within its 6 research departments.

Today, we present the land mobile robots!

Whether robots, planes, cars, or even telephones, all of these technologies are equipped with perception systems. Depending on the application, these sources of information make it possible to perceive the environment in which a system evolves but also to measure its own characteristics, such as for example its velocity or its acceleration. This multitude of data must then be used, cross-referenced and interpreted within what is called the navigation system to obtain the positioning of the vehicle but also, in the case of mapping applications, that of the objects which surround it.

Within the NAVIRRES (Navigation, Radar, and Remote Sensing) team of the DEOS, researchers are interested in navigation systems and their application in complex environments where sensor information can be degraded, erroneous or even unavailable. Thus, mobile acquisition platforms are developed, equipped with cameras, lidars, GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receivers, radars and inertial measurement units, with the aim of obtaining the most efficient navigation system possible, according to the intended application. One of the research topics of the team concerns the analysis of the degradation of information from sensors, which leads to the development of new robust and adaptive algorithms, making it possible to overcome environmental constraints. The ultimate goal is to make navigation systems more precise and safer, for critical applications requiring strong reliability, such as autonomous cars or exploration robotics.


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