langue fr Télécom Paris - 17/04/2023

Testimonial of Joe Ing Lee, Malaysia

Joe Ing LEE, now a graduate of the MSc in Engineering, gives her impressions of her three-year program at Telecom Paris.

Joe was awarded a JPA scholarship to study in France. After graduating from UniKL in Malaysia, she studied networks and telecommunications for two years at IUT Nice Côte d'Azur in France. She was then accepted at Telecom Paris to follow the apprenticeship program specialized in networks, telecommunications and IoT.

After a first year common to all students, she became an apprentice engineer in her second year. She worked for EDF, the French electricity provider, two days a week and enjoyed putting the knowledge she gained into practice, including 5G and smart grids.

What Joe appreciated most about Telecom Paris was the high quality of the courses as well as the multidisciplinary approach that includes social sciences, especially law and economics. This helped her to work on an entrepreneurial project during her studies.

Living close to campus in a student residence allowed her to easily participate in the many parties and activities as well.

If you too are considering studying digital engineering, why not choose Telecom Paris!

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