langue fr THALES GROUP - 05/06/2019

TIRIS Big Data Analytics for Intelligent Decisions - Thales

TIRIS is Thales Big Data Analytics platform for the transportation industry. It takes advantage of technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things, which offers connectivity between assets, cloud-based solutions, which offers storage and processing capabilities, and data analytics with artificial intelligence, to create insights from small and big data sources. This technology agnostic foundation is used to support the implementation of predictive maintenance and asset intelligence techniques. This digital product enables Thales to offer a range of services from advisory, insights, data science, delivery of Proof-of-Concepts, predictive maintenance and operations support.

TIRIS uses TransVerse, Thales Transportation Digital Platform which takes advantage of the experience of Guavus and Thales Digital Platform. TIRIS is part of Thales Transportation Asset Management Digital Services offer and its goal is to support the railway industry in their maintenance and operations challenges by:
Improving operational efficiency and control total cost of ownership;
Meeting stringent safety and service criteria in transport;
Minimizing service interruptions as well as train downtimes

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