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AERO Specialties | Hydraulic Power Units

Are you ready for fast, simple, and efficient operating and testing of your aircraft hydraulic systems? AERO Specialties Hydraulic Power Units are the answer to your needs. These units utilize state-of-the-art technology to offer more flow, more power, and less noise all at a competitive price.

AEROs size 2 HPU features an easily drainable 20-gallon (75 liter) fluid reservoir (versus the larger 60-gallon [227 liter] reservoir of the size 3).

AEROs HPUs are fitted with a modern digital display accompanied by an easy-to-use, software-driven operator interface. The included software allows for quick and easy access to settings, aircraft presets, calibration schedules, and more.

Our engineers developed these industry-changing units with invaluable input from MROs and certified AMTs from around the world. Our HPUs offer advanced aircraft safety features, as well as electrical soft start that extends motor life by saving your motor from unnecessary wear and tear.