langue fr ISAE-SUPAERO - 12/02/2020

Testimonies of our Master of Science graduate students - Akshay Gupta from India

Every year, many students coming from the entire wold are coming to study at ISAE SUPAERO. Thanks to the reputation and the attraction of the Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering, our school has received brilliant student with different background.

This two years Master program, highly regarded as an innovative program in science and technologies, fully taught in English, is designed to prepare engineering students to find and develop solutions to todays and tomorrows challenges facing the world and the aerospace industry.

With a strong and a large spectrum of knowledge it offers a tailored curriculum with a research project, several specializations and a master thesis.

We have recorded several testimonies of our Master of Science graduates students, where they have shared their different experiences at ISAE SUPAERO.

Olivia Drayson from United Kingdom, major Space Systems Major,

Elliot Hernandez Mata from Mexico, major Aerospace Systems and Control,

Akshay Gupta from India, major Aerospace Structures,

Ahmed Reda from Egypt, major Aerospace Structures major.