langue fr ICON Aircraft - 14/04/2020

Landing a Seaplane in Glassy Water

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At ICON, we believe that your training as a pilot never ends. Whether youre an experienced seaplane pilot or just learning, its our goal to make each of our owners the best A5 pilot they can possibly be and it starts with recognizing that you should become a safer and better pilot each and every time you go flying.

Flying the amphibious ICON A5 enables some memorable adventures, both in the air and on the water. Many times, these excursions come with flying in new and exciting environments, but sometimes special skills and techniques are required based on the prevailing conditions. Landing on glassy water is one such situation.

Landing a seaplane on glassy water is considered an advanced technique. This video is meant to provide a broad overview of glassy water landing procedures and is not a substitute for proficiency or currency flights with an A5 flight instructor. We hope you find it a helpful review for flying a seaplane in a low-altitude environment on a calm wind day.

Enjoy this peek behind the curtain at how ICON Flight Training instructs glassy water landing procedures for A5 owners and pilots.