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Innovative and sophisticated security printing solutions for document security - Thales

Simply stated, they reduce the risk of the card or holder data being altered, copied or reproduced.

Security features can help in verification by providing intuitive and easy to verify elements that are visible with the naked eye or by touch (tactile effects) and which protect both the document structure and personal data.

The objective is to help an Immigration or Border Control Officer to answer two main questions. The third one can be answered by fingerprint matching or facial recognition.

1. Is the document genuine?
2. Is the citizens personal data authentic?
3. Is the person present the true owner of this document?

Thales has a background of secure government printing dating back to 1886 with the acquisition of Setec, formerly Finlands National Printing House in 2005.
Printing expertise includes banknotes, stamps and identity documents with a long track-record in innovation.

Thales has five certified security printing sites worldwide (ISO 14298 INTERGRAF).

As a result, the company can offer clients unrivaled business continuity and global supply chain integrity for the production of a wide range of innovative documents including ePassports and eID cards.

Typically, Thales works together with its clients security features experts in order to make the best possible selection of features to match the clients needs.

The goal is that the product and its authenticity can be indisputably trusted.

In other words, Thales uses technologies and materials that are difficult to copy, difficult to use, and difficult to come by.

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