langue fr Lufthansa - 12/05/2020

#LookingForwardToTheWorld Hey You | Lufthansa

Its been a while since we all have explored unspoiled nature, breathtaking views, shining metropolises and the diversity of this world. We are looking forward to discovering them again with you soon. #Lufthansa #LookingForwardToTheWorld

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Lufthansa is more than just an airline - it offers first-class service, state-of-the-art jumbo jet flights and destinations in over 100 countries.

As an airline, Deutsche Lufthansa AG offers exciting travel destinations and exclusive service in Europe and around the world. Together with Lufthansa Passage Airlines, Austrian Airlines, SWISS, Eurowings and others, Lufthansa AG forms the world's largest route network with an extensive aircraft fleet.

Whether you're traveling around the world in a jumbo jet or on a short trip to Europe - with a Lufthansa Airline aircraft you can fly comfortably and receive excellent service on board.