langue fr MTU Aero Engines AG - 27/05/2020

MTU: Partner for the Next European Fighter Engine

New challenges call for new answers: the Next European Fighter Engine (NEFE) is a military propulsion system that marks another major advance in engine technology. With innovative concepts and new technologies for virtual design and additive manufacturing at its disposal, MTU is absolutely ready for this engine program to take off.

The use of intelligent engine technology has made it possible to significantly reduce consumption and achieve a notable increase in mission flexibility. The new European combat aircraft engine impresses with its efficiency.

Compressors, turbines and engine control systems made MTU one of the worldwide technology leaders. New production methods, most of which like additive manufacturing, for example have been developed in-house, and bionic design solutions allow MTU to come up with entirely new constructions. The new materials the company uses, such as fiber-reinforced ceramic composites, reduce engine weight and permit engine temperatures to be increased even further.

These are capabilities indispensable for the development of the NEFE. You can find more information here: