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EP11: a new generation of aircraft's seats and In-Flight Entertainement | Safran

How can airlines companies improve their passengers travel experience? The solution lies in the choices they make in terms of seats and In-Flight Entertainment systems (I.F.E). In a space where every kilogram counts, aircraft seats must be extremely light while highly resistant to shocks and vibrations. In addition, most of long-haul aircraft seats are equipped with In-Flight Entertainment systems, allowing passengers to pick the entertainment program that best suits their interests, from movies and TV, to cartoons, music and games.

In this episode, find out how airline companies customize their own travel experience, selecting the seats, cabin layout and In-Flight Entertainment systems that will make a difference when transporting you around the world.

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Safran has developed leading positions by focusing on « Seat Centric » technology: RAVE. Unlike conventional systems based on central storage and routers, with RAVE all information is stored in each seats I.F.E system. As a result, the system is more reliable, less expensive to buy and maintain, and offers an improved user experience via HD screens and a reliable interface that is welcomed by passengers.

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