langue fr ESA - 20/06/2020

Matthias Maurer: training at NASAs Johnson Space Center

** English and German subtitles are available for this clip under settings, subtitles/CC. **

ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer travelled to Houston, USA for training at NASAs Johnson Space Center. In this video he shares his first few weeks of refresher training, with a glimpse behind the scenes.

Matthias travelled to Houston, USA from Europe with fellow ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet. Thomas has flown to the International Space Station before, while Matthias is training for his first Space Station mission. Mission dates are yet to be confirmed, but as the next two ESA astronauts in line for flights, the pair are working to ensure they fully trained and ready.

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, all personnel are required to adhere to special safety precautions while training. These include wearing a mask as seen in the clip.

Matthias will continue his training in Houston over the next weeks and months. Stay tuned for further footage of his training and experiences.

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