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DUAL PROCESS MACHINING - With a C.R.Onsrud E-Series CNC Router

Dual Spindle Machining - With a C.R. Onsrud E-Series CNC Router

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Description: Okay, so you need serious 5 axis machining capabilities and functionality? Well the C.R. Onsrud 5-Axis E Series CNC machining center offers you a super-fast "No Compromises" platform for your cutting applications. We've designed these highly capable machines to take your business to the next level in production. Based on a twin table, fixed bridge design, you won't find a faster, higher-performing CNC machine in this class - anywhere. The fixed bridge E Series machine starts with an extremely rigid, welded steel frame and we customize the features to your specific manufacturing needs and goals. Coupled with a powerful 2-axis articulating spindle, the chips will fly with this precision beast. If you need the power of the optional Daul Processing, 5-axis milling/drilling, and twin moving tables for continuous operation, the 5-Axis E Series offers you a highly-capable platform packed with the functionality and customizable options to excel in any manufacturing or prototyping environment. Wood, plastics, composites, aluminum, and other non-ferrous metals are all easily within the scope of our E Series CNC machining centers, and the 5 axis machining capability expands your horizon with seemingly endless possibilities.

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