langue fr ICON Aircraft - 19/10/2020

Flying Austin in the ICON A5

Thinking about owning the amphibious ICON A5 in Texas and would like a demonstration flight? Request your flight here and a member of our Texas Demo Team will help get you up into the air:

Special thanks to Mike Steidley at Vision Aerial Media for directing, filming, and editing this video:

Nearly 40 miles of windy roads separate the Lago Vista area and Lake Travis from downtown Austin, TX. You can drive a car and hit every stoplight on the way, or you can see Austin like never before in the ICON A5. This is Adventure Flying in Austin.

Explore the sites of downtown Austin from above on your way west and in just a few minutes, youll be touching down on Lake Travis or any one of the dozens of landing spots on the Colorado River nearby. Pull up to the boat dock at your lake house, yacht club, or marina and enjoy all that lake life has to offer. This is flying the way it was meant to be.

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