Summer Intern Spotlight at Bell


2018/07/13 | 886 words | AEROCONTACT | CAREER
Summer Intern Spotlight at Bell

Our summer interns in Fort Worth, Texas, are an integral part of the Bell team. Follow along as they share their experiences.


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Meet Nicole F. - Engineering

1. How would you describe a day in the life as an intern? My day at work is consistent, but still has enough variation to be exciting.  When I arrive in the mornings, I generally check my emails/calendar, and then start work on 3D modeling and other engineering projects. I do all the work that I can on my own and then go to my mentor for any questions I am stuck on.  I also think that it has been a good experience for me to make myself available for unique opportunities that come up, like being asked to go to the shop floor and see the parts being made.

 2. How would you describe the camaraderie between all the Bell interns?

The camaraderie between Bell interns is something special.  Starting at orientation, we have formed solid relationships as both colleagues and friends.  This made it a lot easier coming into Bell for work on the first day, knowing there is someone you know.  It has also been a great experience getting to know each other more through social events planned by Bell and ourselves.

3. What has been your favorite experience at Bell this Summer so far? My entire experience at Bell this summer has been great. The people are friendly, the work is meaningful, and I enjoy learning the constant opportunities to learn.  My favorite experience thus far has been working on modifying the design of a gearbox assembly I worked on last summer and seeing some of the parts that I had designed last year still being used.  It served as validation to me that the work I am doing this summer may end up on an aircraft someday, and that is a great feeling.


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Meet Edward L. - Engineering

1. How have you been able to apply what you learned in your classes to your internship so far?My time at Texas A&M has provided me with a wide array of skills that have been incredibly useful this summer. Particularly in my junior and senior level courses, I learned to attack problems from a variety of different perspectives to find the best approach, which has been incredibly beneficial. Additionally, this internship has provided me with the opportunity to synthesize the topics covered in a wide variety of my courses, and apply them towards a singular goal. Although I can’t go into specifics, one such project required the incorporation of facets of my dynamics, structures, and senior design courses, providing a very unique and enjoyable experience!

2. What has been your favorite experience at Bell this Summer so far? There have been so many good experiences! If I had to pick just one, I would have to go with my first Friday here at Bell. My supervisor took me around to a variety of places on the main campus, teaching me about helicopter theory and how our program uses the discoveries of the past to push the envelope of what’s possible. Our tour culminated with a flight lesson in the Bell 505 helicopter simulator, before heading back to work. The experience provided not only useful knowledge, but instilled a strong desire to leave a lasting impact through my summer here at Bell. 


3. What is an interesting fact that people may not know about you? I was in a Duke’s mayonnaise commercial when I was younger, and in two weeks I’ll be accomplishing a lifelong goal of completing my first Triathlon!


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Meet Misha R. - Sales

1. How would you describe a day in the life as an intern?

A good mix of everything you would want out of an internship. Most of your day is spent working on your projects that were given to you at the beginning of the summer. For me, I’m working on eight different projects, and so juggling them is also a task of its own. Throughout the day, you get to experience random aspects of a full-time position, like various meetings and events. There is also part of my day I make time for mentorship. Reaching out and talking to someone who has had success in the field and position you want to be in has been very educational and beneficial.

2. How have you been able to apply what you learned in your classes to your internship so far?

My sales classes have been very helpful in gain. A lot of my projects require problem solving skills that I’ve gained through various classes at Texas A&M. I’ve also been able to see Supply Chain in works which utilized my various classes like “purchasing”, “manufacturer distributor relations” and even “distributor information and control systems.” Lastly, having the technical knowledge from “Fluid power transmission” and “Mechanical power transmission” were very helpful when learning helicopter fundamentals.


3. What is an interesting fact that people may not know about you?

I am a certified scuba diver.

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