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Air Malta is the airline of the Maltese Islands.

We are proud to connect Malta with over 35 major cities across Europe and the Mediterranean. Working together with our partner airlines, we offer convenient connections to many more destinations in North America and the Middle East.

Our past

1974 proved to be a momentous year for our country. Air Malta commenced operations on 1 April, and Malta declared itself a republic later in the year.

The setting up of Air Malta was one of the first signs of a young nation fostering its identity and finding a new international voice.

By creating reliable air links to and from key European cities, Air Malta was able to support the economic and cultural development of the Islands. As standard bearer for the nation, our remit has always been that of an ambassador for the Maltese Islands.

Our present

Modern day Malta is a cosmopolitan country which blends time-honoured Mediterranean culture with a spirited, contemporary vibe.

Just as the country has changed, so too have we. We embarked on a major review of the airline's strategy and operations.

Air Malta is undergoing vital restructuring, governed by EU requirements on state aid, aimed at securing it a sustainable and profitable future. While we are still in this process of change, progress is tangible and being measured against challenging milestones.

Our team is working towards creating lasting success, which will be achieved without any compromise in service and by offering better value for money.

As part of this process, we have launched a fresh brand identity. Our colourful new livery can be seen across the fleet.

Our new look is more than skin deep. It reflects accurately our more pro-active role as the destination airline of the Maltese Islands; a company dedicated 100 per cent to serving the Islands' visitors and residents.

Our mission is even more ambitious. We aim to become recognised as one of the world's leading destination airlines.

Our philosophy

As a destination airline, our wish is to place our deep understanding of Malta at your service.

We trust that our experience and knowledge of the Islands will help you gain greater value from the time you spend in Malta, Gozo and Comino. Our aim is to act as your dedicated destination partner, helping open up the myriad opportunities on offer, both leisure and business.

We are here to serve you. Whether you are a leisure visitor, a business traveller or resident heading abroad, we aim to offer a range of value-added extras - land- and air-side - tailored to your needs.

A commitment to offering attractive fares and value-for-money is central to our way of doing business. This website will always help you find the best fares available, and guide you to news about all our special offers and destination information adapted to your preferences and travel requirements.

Our inspiration

The Maltese Islands are our daily inspiration. While we are among many airlines operating to the Islands, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by bringing you into contact with the richness of culture, people and place that is reflected in today's Malta.

We are fortunate in having dedicated staff who are ready to communicate Malta with passion and assist with any queries you may have about the Islands or your travel in our company.

Our future

More than ever, Air Malta is at the heart of the Islands and their people, and we echo a shared sense of optimism for the future.

It is our daily mission to work together in achieving the exceptional standards of travel experience we're aiming for at Air Malta. Our pride in doing a good job for our customers will focus our individual and collective efforts.

Our future lies in making it even easier for you to discover the Maltese Islands and to return home with an airline that has a genuine calling in serving your interests and those of Malta.

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