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AIRCLASS is a vocational training organization registered under the n ° 73 31 01611831, code APE 8559A.

The company is therefore subject to this control by the State services in charge of vocational training and the obligation to have accounts certified by an auditor. Its staff is governed by the National Collective Agreement of Training Organizations.

English a ronautique sp cialis

With a team of more than 10 English-speaking trainers, AIRCLASS has been teaching English from the very beginning.

As a subcontractor of ENAC (National Civil Aviation School) for nearly fifteen years, AIRCLASS has acquired in particular a great experience in the training of Air Navigation Controllers (ICNA) and Line Drivers (EPL) and can today become one of the specialists in the very technical field of communication Drivers / Controllers.

Since the introduction of the Language Assessment of Pilots and Controllers in March 2008, including the need to obtain Level IV, AIRCLASS regularly organizes preparatory sessions for FCL exams 1,200 and 1,028. These courses are intended for all IFR and VFR pilots who wish to follow a very targeted preparation in order to maximize their chances of success.

Preparations for large school competitions

Over the past few years, AIRCLASS has been organizing preparatory sessions for the credits and oral examinations (El ve Pilote de Ligne, Air Navigation Controller, Mines, Bridge, Centrale, Common Polytechnic Competitions). Given the success of these preparations, which are experiencing a very high level of student satisfaction, several preparatory sessions are organized in the periods preceding the competitions.

Flight Training

For the past 15 years, AIRCLASS has trained airport agents, and the personnel of the companies and organizations involved in the transport of goods (airport managers, service providers, airlines, Freight forwarders and brokers). AIRCLASS carries out its training activities within the framework of an agreement with the DGAC (R f. CF-2005-02-08-31-01) which guarantees the quality, conformity and day-to-day maintenance of the training contents. AIRCLASS also carries out consultancy and assistance missions in the development of training programs, training plans). These courses are also applicable after adaptation of other fields in which personnel must be trained and in particular the use of X-ray imaging equipment (Nuclear Power Plants, Nuclear Centers, Ports, Stations, Congresses Etc.).

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