ASI Maintenance

With 2 hangars in Toulouse Francazal airport, we ensure Base Maintenance of Aircraft such as Embraer 135/145 and ATR. Under the PART 145 FR 145 agreement, we are able to operate a wide range of activities such as: Line operations, Troubleshooting, A-Checks, C-Checks, Aircraft modifications, SB & STC applications, etc...

In addition to CAMO PARTM G/I, PART21 G allows us to manufacture and certify Aircraft parts and kits. This contributes to the consolidation of our main activity and allow us to beat deadlines and optimise the progress of aircraft's visits.

Furthermore, we have setup Component Repair Workshops as well as a sophisticated painting facility for aircraft. This gives us the competitive advantage that most of operators/owners are looking for.

Quality is at the heart of our concern

Source of a continuous progress, the Quality approach of ASI Maintenance covers:

- Approvals management, their manuals, procedures with its documentation and reports.
- Maintain the competencies of its collaborators. It is one of the major principles of this approach.
- Continuous integration within the supply chain.
- Risk management thank to SGS (security management system)

Our Aerospace Approvals:

- PART 145 and other extensions: FRA 145 (French government Aircraft), Morocco, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Bermuda, Chad
- PART 21G

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