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Avia Technique is based in Wokingham, England and was established in 2002.

By putting its customers first and adopting a no nonsense approach, Avia Technique is an Aerospace company with wide experience in the Repair/Overhaul and the Design and Manufacture of Aerospace systems and components. Avia Technique has built an enviable reputation as one of the UK's leading Maintenance and Repair Organisations (MRO). A reputation built on quality, service and competiveness.

Avia Technique holds a large number of Quality Approvals including EASA, FAA,DOT, TCAA and ISO. The capability supported covers a wide range of components including; all oxygen equipment, fire suppression, safety equipment, emergency locator beacons, air conditioning (heat exchangers), fuel and hydraulic components and electrical lighting and accessories.

It is a business with industry leading turnaround times and competitive pricing. With ongoing investment in our people and our operation, the group continues to develop its range of services and support, expanding its offering and innovative solutions.

Technique - Your assets in safe hands.

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