CanRep Inc.

Canrep Inc acts as Sales Representative for Nicholsons Group, covering the USA and Canada.

The full range of Nicholson's products and services is represented by CanRep.

CanRep's engineering and commercial staff are highly skilled and knowledgeable. Their experience working in the market sectors of our key customers and in representing our product and service portfolio, means that they work as an integral part of Nicholson's team.

The closeness of the relationship between CanRep and Nicholsons personnel enables us to provide the best possible service to our customers. CanRep is well placed to maintain regular links with customers in North America, calling on the support of our specialist personnel as required.

CanRep facilitates the communications between Nicholsons and its customers, acting as a knowledgeable regular link and as the co-ordinator of customer-supplier meetings.

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