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CFAI Provence

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The Industry Apprenticeship Training Center is attached to the national network of Apprenticeship Training Centers of the UIMM (Union of Metal Industries and Trades).

"Learning confirms that it is a path of excellence, a stepping stone towards sustainable employment." To improve the quality of training, there is no shortage of projects for the next session, particularly in the field of aeronautics. The young people will thus have all the elements to acquire the most specialized techniques and to answer the expectations of the numerous companies partners.

In all, between 550 and 575 apprentices will return in September, in the various sectors (Mechanical maintenance, boiler making, productics, aeronautics, electrotechnics, energy). And the girls are more and more present, which demonstrates the mix that is increasingly present in the industrial world.

The holder of the BAC Professionnel Aéronautique Option MSC is required to intervene in the construction and aeronautical operations sectors within a multidisciplinary team. The activity is characterized by the rapid evolution of technologies in areas of high complexity requiring competence and efficiency.

The holder of the Bac Professionnel Aéronautique MSC Option must be able to carry out, alone or in a team, activities related to the mechanical systems Aircraft: Removal / Refitting - Diagnosis / Testing - Inspection / Control. Its competence focuses on compliance with safety procedures and rules in accordance with standardization and regulation.

The MSC option "Systems Mechanic - Cell" covers the fields of the airframe, the mechanics and the electricity.

BTS Aerospace
The holder of the Patent of Technician Higher Aeronautics is a specialist who intervenes in the assembly and maintenance sites of the aircraft, he participates in the engineering to prepare the activity of the operators In production, it controls, adapts and develops the Systems and equipment It ensures the technical relationship between the manufacturer or the maintenance company and the customers

The Technician Higher Aeronautics occupies a position of technical mastery and can carry out its activities in: The companies of construction of aircraft, equipment and systems of aircraft. Aeronautical maintenance companies Laboratories and offices of methods specialized in aeronautics.