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CHALAIR aviation is an airline company independent.

Created in 1986 and livened up since by a staff fascinated by its business, the Company maintains the values of " The Line ", after twenty four years of air services in all the heavens of the globe.

Loyalty, reliability, exactness, rigor are the rules of our action.

Equipped today with modern regional devices of transport or with business adapted to their missions, the Company proposes:

* Business trips, shuttles of company,
* Scheduled lines,
* Of the transport of urgent freight,
* Medical flights,
* Of the management of plane,
* Of the aeronautical training,
* And of the aeronautical maintenance.

Endowed with a world operating license delivered by the civil aviation, and with a fleet from new devices of different capacity, bi-turboprops and twin-engined jets, the Company wants to be more than an airline company:

* Advice and technical reflection to optimize your private flight,
* Experiment and high-level qualification to organize or manage your shuttles.

The training, the preservation of the skills and the quality policy of the Company have for objectives to pursue and to strengthen the safety of the flights and the security of the passengers.

A constant attention and a will of improvement permanent of our system of control interns, resulting in corrective actions, allows us to pursue these objectives.

Chalair Aviation allows you to connect(bind) your final destination with the schedules of your choice, without correspondence, nor wait, in any confidentiality and safely.

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