Designer, integrator and operator of mission critical systems

CS mission is to meet the challenges of its customers through the design, integration, operation and maintenance of innovative turnkey systems.

The partner of choice for our customers, we master the intricacies of strategic projects

CS expertise in applications and mission-critical systems makes it the partner of choice for major economic sectors, in particular for defense, space & security, aeronautics, energy and transportation, in France and abroad.

CS is present at the side of its customers all along the value chain, and benefits from a differentiated market position, resulting from the company's three main competitive advantages:
o Its ability to act as prime contractor and engineering company for major, complex and critical projects,
o Its capacity to combine complementary skills in order to offer its customers an integrated approach (consulting, design, build and run),
o Its "power of innovation" and capability to ensure the success of strategic projects.

Today, CS is a reliable industrial partner, acknowledged by its key customers for innovation, expertise, commitment and the service sense of its employees.

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