ECS, a sound airline partner

Expertise consisting of fully owned GSSAs with up to 20 years of experience in air cargo, the ECS group offers the air cargo industry worldwide knowledge and experience with a complete cargo outsourcing solution.

Financial strength and a spirit of innovation

The unique blend of financial strength that only a worldwide network can provide and the ability to take the risks inherent in innovation makes ECS the best possible partner for optimising air cargo capacities.

Thanks to the structure of the ECS network, which brings together leading local GSSAs with strong management, airline partners are able to rely on the personal commitment of each manager to deliver the service in strict keeping with the terms of the contract.

Transparency and traceability
Being a fair partner to airlines is the core principle of the ECS Group's way of doing business. It involves transparency in the way contracts are drawn up and implemented, and the facility for airlines to keep themselves informed at every stage in the cargo process.

Partnership with airlines
Doing business with ECS means more than outsourcing cargo operations. It means entering into a long-term partnership with a company which is committed to furthering the airline's development throughout the world.

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