ESTIA was founded on a solid university partnership: both nationally - the University of Bordeaux I (art. 43) and the University of Pau & the Adour Region (art. 43), and internationally (UK, Spain).

Created by the Chamber of Commerce, ESTIA was designed to be one of the technological pillars of the region's activity, as well as a door open to tomorrow's economic and technological Europe.

ESTIA, the Institute of Advanced Industrial Technologies has three main functions:
1. Training, both initial and continuous, including training with work experience
2. Research
3. Support for company founders

Initial training in engineering
leading to the ESTIA engineering diploma. This is the school's core offer (400 students to date, 500 in the medium term).

This engineering course was approved by the CTI in December 1996.

Specialist courses
namely preparation for three master's degrees:
EXECUTIVE MBA System Engineering & Change Management
SPECIALISED MASTER'S (MS CILIO): Project Management & Consultant, Logistic & Innovation Organisation, accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.
MASTER'S in Project Engineering awarded by the University of Pau & the Adour Region's Business Administration Institute.

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